Labeling 101

When it comes to a professional, quality finish for your labels, understanding the impact of the type of label stock you choose is critical. In this 3 video guide, we walk you through some of the main considerations you should make when choosing the right label stock for your container.

Labeling Specifications (PDF)

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1. Selecting the right label and container

It is important for your labels and bottles to be suited for each other so they are able to adhere correctly. This video is an introduction into selecting the correct labels and bottles.

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2. Understanding how plastic containers can influence labeling

In this video, we look at the factors to consider when designing your label and selecting stock for plastic containers.

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3. What to consider when labeling glass containers

In this video we look at the relationship between your containers & labels, and the factors to consider when you are designing your label for a glass container.

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