Epson ColourWorks Label Printers

Integrate our label applicators with Epson ColourWorks label printers & create the most cost effective, time efficient,
semi-automatic labeling process ever.

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Print & apply full color labels, then box, pack & pallet, in one seamless production process.

Sketch integrated labeller any

Our fully integrated solutions combine a PC, Epson printer and any of our labeling machines into a seamless work station that allows you to print & apply labels, box, pack & pallet to your orders. Continuously label front & back, up to 18-24 bottles p/min, i.e.1080-1440 bottles p/hr.

Epson C7500 + The BenchMAX

The fastest, most reliable way to continuously print & apply photographic quality labels.

The Epson Colorworks range are leaders in photographic quality, full colour label printing. Integrate the C7500 or the C7500G with our top of the range label applicator, the BenchMAX, and you can print and apply full colour photographic labels, withoutever pausing to reset or change label rolls, on a wide range of round containers (8mm or 3/8 inches) to (250mm or 9 3/4 inches). Huge time saver, wineries can now print, label, box & pack 1 pallet p/hr. Reduces double handling by 3 x.

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Epson C3500 + BenchMATE or BenchMARK

Businesses of all sizes can make massive savings by printing & applying full colour labels on demand.

Benefits include reduce label inventory costs and the capacity to use labels innovatively to grow your business, find out all the advantages & cost savings of printing & applying labels on demand here.

Simply pair the Epson C3500 with either our manual label applicator, the BenchMATE, or our entry level electric labeling machine, the BenchMARK, and start printing & applying labels to order.

Watch the video or get in-touch to find out more.