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The last labeling machine your growing business will ever need

We are experts on tabletop labeling machines and received our first patent to label a round container over 30 years ago. Since then, thousands of businesses across the globe have integrated a Great Engineering benchtop label applicator into their production. From small start-ups to household names like Chivas Regal, there’s always space in your production for one (or more) of our premium quality labeling machines.

Choose from the Following Tabletop Labeling Machines

Whatever your production needs, we have a machine to suit you.

This table gives you a summary of the attachments that come with each tabletop label applicator and which attachments can be added.

Included with machine. Optional attachment
Min Bench MATE no bg


Low cost high quality manual labeler
Bench MATE hero


Low cost high quality manual labeler
Benchmark min


Semi-automatic Labeling Applicator
Bench DELUXE min


Premium semi-automatic labeler


World's Best Semi-automatic Labeler
Top Roller Assembly
Small Bottle Adaptor
Automatic Attachment
Orientation Device
Removable Handle
Wide Body
Label Height 10mm - 170mm 10mm - 175mm 10mm - 230mm 10mm - 230mm 10mm - 230mm
Label Length > 25mm (1”) > 25mm (1”) > 25mm (1”) > 25mm (1”) > 25mm (1”)
Container Diameter 15mm - 180mm (0.59" - 7.09") 55mm - 220mm (2.17" - 8.66") 50mm - 110mm (1.97" - 4.33") 50mm - 110mm (1.97" - 4.33") 8mm - 110mm (0.31" - 4.33")
Container Diameter(with removable handle) 15mm (0.59") 55mm (2.17") 50mm (1.97") 50mm - 220mm (1.97" - 8.66") 8mm - 250mm (0.31" - 9.84")
View BenchMATE+ View BenchMATE View BenchMARK View BenchDELUXE View BenchMAX

It’s Easy to Set Up Your Great Engineering Tabletop Labeler

All of our tabletop label applicators can be transported comfortably between workstations or factories with ease, thanks to their compact size and sturdy construction.

Starting at just 13lbs (6kg) and weighing a maximum of 66 pounds (30kg), each machine offers versatility and stability that’s in a league of its own.

Our range is designed to fit anywhere in your factory, office, or home, from as little bench space as 12 x 16 inches (30 x 40cm).

Our BenchMATE manual labeling machine range can be stabilized in any location by clamping its middle protruding metal feel to a bench, bolting them in with screws, or simply placing it on a non-slip surface such as a kitchen mat.

Our electric labeling machines are mounted on raised rubber feet and don’t need any assistance to stay in place while you label.

Offering more versatility than a medium-sized automatic labeler, and able to fit seamlessly in with your production workspace, there’s something for every size business in our range of legendary benchtop label applicators.

Not sure which tabletop labeler is right for you?

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