Eliminate Double Handling with Sato & Great Engineering

By integrating Sato printers with Great Engineering label applicators, manufacturers can create single pass label & pack work stations, eliminating costly double handling from their labeling and packing process and the expense and waste associated with holding pre-printed label inventory. Integrating the latest printers with our label applicators can create huge savings in variable costs associated with your labeling and packing process.

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Print Variable Data as you Apply Labels

Now you can print variable data like batch numbers, best before dates, and RFID traking, along with QR codes, bar-codes and ingredients information, while simultaneously applying labels to any sized round containers, more quickly and efficiently than ever before. In one single pass an operator can print and apply labels, box and pallet, creating significant production line efficiencies that translate into significant bottom line savings.

Sato Printer Specifications

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Print & Apply Full Colour + Variable Data

Great Engineering can enable you to print & apply full colour labels on demand, including variable data like batch file no.’s, best before dates, & RFID tracking, by integrating a Sato thermal printer with a full colour printer, PC and any of our label applicators. This creates single pass print & pack workstations. Cost efficiencies include eliminating maintaining a large label inventory and saving time (wages). Making and applying labels to sync with customer orders is faster, cheaper and more efficient.

Watch the video or get in-touch to find out more.