We Make The World’s Most Reliable,
Feature Rich, Easy-to-Use
Label Machines And
Label Applicators

Introducing the world’s best benchtop
label applicators

Our manual and electric labelling machines can apply perfect labels on any round container, including bottles, cans, jars, vials, tubes and more.

Used and trusted by world-leading brands, including Chivas Regal, Aesop, Carlton United Breweries, Schwarzkopf & many others, who value trouble-free reliability and precise label placement from their label applicator.

Our Range of Accurate & Reliable Label Applicators


Label 1,440+ containers/hr with this fully-optioned label applicator. Featuring our unique orientation sensor for unparalleled accuracy.



Label 1,440+ containers/hr and reduce double handling by 3 times with our automatic attachment and foot pedal.



Label 1,040+ containers/hr and upgrade by adding attachments as you grow with our entry-level electric label applicator.


BenchMATE series

Perfect for growing businesses, trade-in when you are ready to upgrade! Label front and back at  700+ containers/hr.


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Client Bottle Labelling Demo

Click to watch Tim and Simon, co-owners of
the Tumut River Brewing Co. show how they use
our BenchMAX labelling machine.

Explore how our print & apply solution takes all the
risk out of their product development process.

Customer Testimonials

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Our Label Applicators are Legendary…

The original inventors of pressure-sensitive bottle labelling, we were granted our patent in 1992.

Labelling is at the heart of your production process. Inefficiencies here ripple through the business, wasting time and adding costs at every level, particularly if you are paying people to label your products. Ease of set up, ease of use, speed, and reliability of labelling determine the real cost of your labels, and on all these criteria our bottle labellers have proven themselves to be far superior to other labelling machine manufacturers’ devices.

Most business owners are time-poor and more than anything else, need speed, reliability and ease of use from their label applicator, which is central to their brand, its presentation and their production process.

Our range of label applicators for bottles, jars, vials and cans provide the best value in the market, because they are the only machines engineered to provide you with years of nonstop, dependable, trouble-free service, as well as break-through functionality that saves you time and money.

“We own 7 BenchMAX labelling machines. Simple to set up and easy to use, they provide accurate labelling and have allowed us to improve both the quality and our output.”
 – Ian Roddick, Chivas Regal

labelling essential oils and cosmetics

Aesop uses our labelling machines for their reliability, accuracy & fast throughput, which equals greater efficiency in their core production 

Get a Guaranteed Trade-In

To encourage you to get started with the best possible labeller, we offer a 70% lifetime trade-in on our entry-level machine, the BenchMATE. Under our policy, if you start your business buying our manual labeller, you’ll get up to 70% of your investment back via a trade-in when your business has grown to a size where you need an electric machine.

We also offer a lifetime trade-in on any of our electric machines. Our labelling applicators have been proven to last 25+ years of reliable operation, so when you are ready to upgrade to the latest model, whether it’s eight years from now, or twenty-eight years, we will trade your machine back in.

Don’t make do with inferior kit – our lifetime trade-in policies make it worthwhile to invest in the best upfront, and give you have the best possible chance of success in your business.

If you’re a small business making and packing your own products, saving money is important, but nothing is more valuable than your time!