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Introducing the Bench Series of bottle labellers.



Manual and electric models, suitable for labeling anything sold in bottles, cans, jars, vials or any cylindrical container. Our bottle labelling machines are used by world leading brands like Chivas Regal, Aesop, Carlton United Breweries, Schwarzkopf & many others, who value trouble-free reliability and precise label placement from a label applicator. Applications: Bottle Labeling, Can Labeling, Vial Labeling Machine, Jar Labelling Machine, Tube Labelling Machine.

Accurate & Reliable Bottle Labeling Machines

FULLY OPTIONED BenchMAX hands free fully featured Bottle Labelling Machine


Our fastest and most flexible bottle label applicator, it labels all container diameters larger than 8 mm (3/8 inch). Suits businesses that label from 150,000 up to 1,000,000+ containers per year.

HANDS FREE BenchDELUXE bottle labeler features hands free operation & increased throughput


Labels faster and improves productivity by reducing double handling by at least 3 x. For example, one operator can label, box and pallet up to 1,000,000 bottles of wine a year.


ENTRY LEVEL ELECTRIC BenchMARK Semi Automatic Bottle Labelling Machine


Will suit businesses that label from 10,000 up to 250,000+ containers per year. Labels any bottle, jar, can or round container with a diameter larger than 55mm (2 1/8 inch)


HAND OPERATED BenchMATE Bottle Label Applicators

BenchMATE series

Perfect for start-up's & boutique manufacturers labelling bottles, jars, vials or any tubular containers with diameters larger than 18mm (3/4 inch) or larger than 55mm (2 1/8 inch).


Happy clients are our best bottle labeling advertisement...

  • If everything worked as well as my BenchDELUXE, life would be much happier.
    I've had my BenchDELUXE for 8 years and can happily state, if everything worked as well as my BenchDELUXE, the world would be a much happier place.
    If everything worked as well as my Bench DELUXE
    Carl Barry, Owner, Growth Technology Pty Ltd
  • McCrea Cellars bottle labelling testimonial
    My favourite piece of equipment in the entire winery. We've had it for 9 years and it still performs like the day we got it. Fast set up and change over of bottles and labels.
    My favourite piece of Equipment
    Bob Neel, McCrea Cellars
  • Label Applicator Testimonial by Goodieson Brewery
    There are many processes in our brewery where we wonder how long it will take or if things will work, but we never have to worry about the labeller.
    BenchMAX Testimonial
    Mary Goodieson, Owner of Goodieson Brewery
  • Stuart Kearney, QA Manager of Cooper Vision talks about the Great Engineering Labelling Machine solution used in their contact lens business.
    The best labelling solution in our world wide operations... a tremendous compliment for an Australian owned company like Great Engineering
    The best labelling solution in our world operations
    Stuart Kearney, QA Manager, Cooper Vision Contact Lenses
  • Label applicator Testimonial by Organic Trader Canada
    Great Engineering has been with us since the beginning... Good choice, no down time in the last 18 years, their new labelling equipment is exceptional. 
    No downtime in 18 years
    Joseph Borkovic, Organic Trader Canada
  • Bottle Labelling Testimonial by Roar Cordials
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my labelling machine. I would have made the biggest mistake buying the other one. Thanks for your wonderful after sales service!
    Great economical label applicator
    With gratitude from Maria from Roar Living
  • The BenchMATE and it's one of the most effective and admired pieces of kit in our brewery.
    We use the BenchMATE and it's one of the most effective and admired pieces of kit in our brewery. Highly recommend.
    Worth the investment
    Jeff Rosenmeier Lovibonds Brewery Ltd Henley‐on‐Thames, Englandshire, UK
  • We have 5 BenchMAX now... Simple to set up and easy to use, they provide accurate labelling and have allowed us to improve both the quality and output of our labelling.
    Simple to set up and well designed.
    Ian Roddick, Prestige Hall, Chivas Regal

Client Bottle Labelling Demo

Click to watch Tim and Simon, co-owners of the Tumut River Brewing Co. show how they use a BenchMAX to label every bottle they sell. Then read how they use our print & apply labels solution to take all the risk out of their product development process, fast tracking their R&D.

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Our Bottle Label Applicators are Legendary...

The original inventors of pressure sensitive bottle labelling, we were granted our patent in 1992.

Today our patent has expired, which means a variety of copycat competitors offer cheap imitations of our original concept. But make no mistake, no machine built by any competitor is made to the demanding specifications we insist on, and no competitors' machines will give you the non-stop, trouble free, cost effective precision and dependability for which all the labelling applicators in the Great Engineering range are world renowned. But don't just take our word on this, read our testimonials!

Our bottle labelling machines are legendary. Sure, they cost a little more. But that's because they've been designed for reliable trouble free performance. Their efficiency and reliability will save you hundreds of times the price difference (between our machines and cheap copies) in time you save every day when labelling products. Labelling is at the heart of your production process. Inefficiencies here ripple through the business, wasting time and adding costs at every level, particularly if you are paying people to label your products. Ease of set up, ease of use, speed and reliability of labelling determine the real cost of your labels, and on all these criteria our bottle labellers have proven themselves to be far superior to other labelling machine manufacturers devices.

"We have 5 of their machines now... Simple to set up and easy to use, they provide accurate labelling and have allowed us to improve both the quality and output of our labelling." Ian Roddick,Chivas Regal.

Don’t Fall for the Trap of Copy-Cat Imitations!

We’ve all done it, been lured into buying something that looks pretty good and costs a bit less and is supposed to work as well as the original...

and it kind of does… at first… except for a few annoying little compromises that you tell yourself you can live with because you think you’ve saved a few bucks by buying a cheaper machine.

But then the wear and tear of regular use takes its inevitable toll on a machine that was made to be cheaper - not better!

And it’s only in retrospect that you'll realise that tolerating a few compromises in the beginning grew into a daily grind of irritating delays, from a labeller that has now cost you a small fortune in inefficiencies, and is becoming increasingly less reliable, day by day.

In the 26 years we’ve been in business we’ve heard it all from people coming to us after they bought and threw away their old machine...

Wasted time clearing label jams, wasted labels every time you set up a new spool, complicated time-consuming set up between rolls, and regular, intermittent sub-standard finishes on products you now must throw out, unpeel by hand, or sell off as seconds.

And to think, you endured all this waste just for the sake of a relatively small amount you supposedly saved up front! Who, in their right mind, would go through this if they knew how much unreliability in their labeller would really cost them?

HOW DO WE KNOW THIS?In the 26 years we've been in business, we've worked with thousands of brands worldwide, surveyed them all and every one has stressed how down time caused by label jams & sub standard finishes are among the most costly and likely failures in their production process.

That's why our superbly engineered machines have been designed to minimise waste of time and materials on every level! And it's the fact that we deliver on all the finer points that matter and make your life easier when you are labelling thousands of products, day in day out, that the true value of our machines becomes apparent. No one ever swaps our machine for another brand!

labelling essential oils and cosmetics

Aesop use our machines for essential oils, aromatherapy and cosmetic product labelling[

Aesop is another global brand using our labelling machines because their reliability, accuracy & fast throughput means greater efficiency in their core production processes.

If you’re a small business making and packing your own products, of course saving money is important. But nothing is more valuable than your time!

Most small businesses owners are time poor and more than anything else, need speed, reliability and ease of use from their label applicator, which is central to their brand, it’s presentation and their production process. Sacrificing efficiencies here, for the sake of a a relatively small upfront saving is a rookie mistake that if you make, you’ll live to regret!

On the other hand, our range of label applicators for bottles, jars, vials and cans provide the best value in the market, because they are the only machines engineered to provide you with years of nonstop, dependable, trouble free service, as well as break-through functionality that saves you time and money. Seriously, we’ve had customers use our machines for up to twenty-five years without replacement parts or servicing! That’s how well engineered and reliable our machines are. Read the testimonials.

Buy your label applicator from the inventors of the original pressure sensitive labelling machine, (we were granted our patent in 1992) because the original manufacturers still make the best machines, and our machines easily pay for themselves over and over again, in performance advantages you'll experience and appreciate over time.

"We label 60,000 bottles of wine a year, have had our BenchMAX for 12 years & replaced one set of rollers, the plastic housing on the control panel and sharpened the star wheel. Thats it! I wish I could buy any other piece of equipment with that incidence of repair... pretty much bulletproof".
Andy Sponseller, Ten Spoon Winery.

Get a Guaranteed 40% - 80% Trade In

If you are a small start-up or boutique manufacturer, to encourage you to get started with the best possible labeller, we offer an 80% life time trade in on our entry level machine, the BenchMATE, and a 40% trade in on all our electric machines. Under this policy, if you start your business buying our manual labeller, you then get 80% of your investment back via a trade in when your business has grown to a size where you need an electric machine.

We also offer a 40% life time trade in on our electric machines, so once again, a huge part of your investment with us is kept in the sense that it is deductible from the price of an upgrade, when the time comes and you need it .

Don't make do with inferior kit! Our lifetime trade in policies make it worth while to invest in the best up front, which intern will give you have the best possible chance of success in your business.

I wish you every success
Peter O’Brien -Inventor - Founder and Owner of Great Engineering

Labelling Applications

Wine Bottle Labeler

Print and apply high quality colour labels with Great Engineering & EpsonOur manual and semi automatic electric wine bottle labelling machines are used extensively world-wide. They can be used to apply pre-printed labels or fully integrated with high quality printers like the Epson Colour Works series, enabling wineries to print & customise labels on demand.

Beer Bottle Labeler

Print full colour beer labels in houseOur beer bottle labelling machines are used in breweries all around the world. Our beer bottle labelers can be fully integrated with a high quality colour printer to enable breweries to print and apply their own labels on cans or bottles on demand.

Jar Labeler

Apply labels to jars with precisionJars are widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, and our jar labelling machines are used by leading brands because of their flexibility (they can handle a wide range of jar sizes), ease of use and fast label throughput.

Can Label Applicator

Paint tins ready for labelling Our can labelling machines are used world wide. Beer can labelling, food can labelling and labelling tin cans commonly used for things like protien powders, are also popular applications for our can labeler range. Extremely popular beer label applicator for beer can labelling, makes an ideal beer can labelling machine.

Vial Labeler

Vials ready for labelsGreat Engineering's bottle labelling machines can be upgraded with a small bottle adaptor, which enables fast accurate labelling of even the smallest bottles and vials. Often set up as a dedicated vial labelling machine, vial labelling applicator or vial label applicator in many pharmaceutical labeling applications.

Semi Automatic Bottle Labeler

BenchDELUXEDid you know semi-automatic bottle labelling machines and Semi-automatic labelling machines on pick and pack conveyor are often more economical to run than fully automatic machines?

Pharmaceutical Labeler

Labelling Pharmaceutical bottlesEpipen labelling, test tube labelling, syringe labelling and more. Our reliability ease of use and flexibility to manage many different label sizes makes us a favourite with pharmaceutical companies who need reliable non stop label application processes.

Custom Bottle Labelling

Kiaro Printers fully integrated with our labelling machines in this case a BenchMAXDrastically reduce label inventory holding costs and expand markets with our capacity to fully integrate our labelling machines with printers. Changes can now be made to labels for individual orders! Opens the possibility of custom labelling for special events or corporate gifts.

Use by Date Labelling

Sato Printer and Great Engineering BenchMAXAlong with our capacity for custom labelling we can manage use by date and variable serial number print and application processes. Our machines fully integrate with Sato printers, which are specialists in use by and batch number printing solutions.

Cosmetic Labelling Applicator

Our labelers are deal for large and small businesses looking for a cosmetic label maker

Cosmetic Labeling Machine
E-Juice Labeler

Ideal e-juice labeling machine just ad small bottle adaptor to your applicator

E-Juice Labeling Machine