Semi-automatic Labeling Applicator


The new BenchMARK Semi Automatic Labeling Applicator is the perfect labelling machine for any growing startup. 25% faster than its’ predecessor and 50mm wider, it now labels a larger range of bottles, cans, jars & cylinders.

Benchmark min
BenchMARK Labeling Machine Capabilities

The perfect labelling machine for your growing business

Level up the quality & presentation of your products with perfectly straight labels every time. Simply dial in the distance between front and back labels, and take operator error out of the equation for ever.

A proven workhorse, the BenchMARK is the strongest and most reliable labeling machine in its class. We have multiple testimonials from customers marvelling at how our machines stand up to constant use, with no breakdowns. If dependability is important to you, know you can rely on our legendary non-stop, trouble free dependability. Using our range of labeling machines you can be sure you’ll experience fewer interruptions for breakdowns and save heaps on label wastage.

But possibly even better than all this, you can now label and test any new product without having to commit to minimum print runs. Simply pair the BenchMARK with any colour printer and you can print and apply labels in house on demand.This new capability speeds up the R&D and new product development cycle significantly!

Labels any round container

Will comfortably apply any type of label on any round container(50mm+ diameter).

5 year warranty

We manufacture assemble every machine in-house, with the highest quality australian made components. With our 5-year warranty you can rest assured we’ve got you covered.

BenchMARK Machine Specifications

Technical Specifications

BenchMARK Specs


33kg (72.75lbs)


Length: 61cm (24.02”)
Width: 59cm (23.23”)
Height: 44cm (17.32”)


- Anodized 6061 Aluminum
- Food grade Stainless steel shafts and bolts

Compatible Containers




– Minimum 50mm (1.97″)
– Maximum 110mm (4.33″) standard

Compatible Labels


- Single label, front, & back
- Pressure sensitive
- Die cut
- Roll formatted
- Fan folded
- Opaque/Clear/Translucent


- Thickness: min. 0.02mm (0.001”)
- Length: min 25mm (0.98”)
- Height: min 10mm (0.39”) to max 230mm (9.06”)
- Direction: Left hand leading edge
- Direction: Internal wound
- Direction: External wound

Label Roll

- Diameter: max 300mm (11.81”)
- Core diameter: min. 38mm (1.50”) and max. 76m (2.99”)


- On edge, no registration mark required

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