Are you searching for exceptional quality pharmaceutical labeling equipment that won’t let you down?

Pharmaceutical Labeling Machines

Join the legion of pharmaceutical companies using the world's most reliable, cost-efficient, and simple to use pharma labeling machine.

From EpiPen labeling and test tube labeling, through to syringe labeling and much more. Our pharma labeling machines’ flexibility to manage many different label sizes makes us a favourite with pharmaceutical companies who rely on precise, non-stop label application processes.

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Pharmaceutical labelling

Great Engineering’s Pharmaceutical Labeler Range

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Entry level labeling for start ups. Hand crank 10-15,000 labels a year. Capable of more, won’t break, almost indestructible, 5 yr warranty.

Bench MATE hero


Entry level labeling for start ups. Hand crank 10-15,000 labels a year. Capable of more, won’t break, almost indestructible, 5 yr warranty.

Benchmark min


Label 1,040+ containers/hr and upgrade by adding attachments as you grow with our entry-level electric labeling machine.

Bench DELUXE min


Label 1,440+ containers/hr and reduce double handling by 3X with our automatic attachment and foot pedal.



Label 1,440+ containers/hr with this fully-optioned label applicator, which features a unique orientation sensor for unparalleled accuracy.

See Our Pharmaceutical Labeling Equipment in Action

Conveniently label vials, ampules, test tubes, and swabs with one simple to use labeler. With the BenchMAX, no setup is required between different container sizes, which means you can increase productivity without sacrificing on quality.

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Our premium pharmaceutical labeler is a production game-changer.

Fast, reliable, and accurate, the BenchMAX can label any round container from 8mm (3/8″) to 250mm (9.8″) with ease.

The BenchMAX can label at 1500 containers per hour with incredible precision. One operator can label over 3 million containers a year on a single 8-hour shift. The BenchMAX can keep up with automatic filling and capping machines, meaning no hold ups in your production line. Reduce double-handling and costs, while increasing productivity and presentation with our top of the range pharma labeling machine.


Reduce double handling in your pharmaceutical company with the BenchDELUXE.

Want increased productivity but don't need all the extra attachments of the BenchMAX?

The BenchDELUXE is then your perfect match. This versatile semi-automatic machine will reduce your double handling by 3 times with guaranteed label accuracy. This high-quality machine will fit seamlessly into any production line either before or after the filler and capper with the ability to label and complete another task at the same time.


The perfect entry-level electric bottle label applicator for the serious start-up or a growing company.

Step into the world of electric label applicators.

Enjoy unrivalled accuracy, improved speed plus Great Engineering’s legendary reliability. The BenchMARK provides quality and presentation of your pharmaceutical products with perfectly straight labels every time. A simple to use dial controls the distance between the front and back labels to keep the distance consistent from container to container.

BenchMATE Series

The most reliable, accurate hand labeler in the world!

Incredibly durable and super reliable, the BenchMATE comes with a 5 year warranty & our 70% trade-in offer when you’re ready to upgrade. Start with the BenchMATE and you’ll have an extremely reliable machine that won’t let you down. Add printer integration and you have the benefit of complete in-house print capability.

Ready to grow your pharmaceutical company with Great Engineering?

We provide a 70% trade-in on manual machines when your business grows & needs an upgrade. We believe this is the most generous trade-in offer in the industry! All of our machines come with a 5 year warranty, so you can rest assured we’ve got you covered.

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