BenchMATE series – Help & Support

Everything you need to get up & running with your BenchMATE or BenchMATE+ label applicator

Setting up the BenchMATE

This video takes you through the setup for the BenchMATE & BenchMATE+ manual labeler.

Setting up the BenchMATE+ attachments

Learn how to set up the top roller and small bottle adaptor that comes with the BenchMATE+.

For machines made before 2020, please see the setup video here.

Removing and cutting the blue rollers

This video takes you through how to remove, cut and replace the rollers on your machine. This video uses an electric machine during the demonstration but the same method is used for the BenchMATE.

My Labels are slipping or tracking on my machine

If you find your labels are slipping or tracking on the BenchMATE or BenchMATE+, watch this video to find ways to troubleshoot and resolve this issue.