The new BenchMARK

The new BenchMARK Semi Automatic Labeling Applicator is the perfect labelling machine for any growing startup. 25% faster than its’ predecessor and 50mm wider, it now labels a larger range of bottles, cans, jars & cylinders.

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Not sure if the world’s best benchtop label applicator will work with your products?
Ship your products to us and we will test them and send you a video

The perfect labelling machine for your growing business

Level up the quality & presentation of your products with perfectly straight labels every time. Simply dial in the distance between front and back labels, and take operator error out of the equation for ever.

A proven workhorse, the BenchMARK is the strongest and most reliable labelling machine in its class. We have multiple testimonials from customers marvelling at how our machines stand up to constant use, with no breakdowns. If dependability is important to you, know you can rely on our legendary non-stop, trouble free dependability. Using our range of labelling machines you can be sure you’ll experience fewer interruptions for breakdowns and save heaps on label wastage.

But possibly even better than all this, you can now label and test any new product without having to commit to minimum print runs. Simply pair the BenchMARK with any colour printer and you can print and apply labels in house on demand.This new capability speeds up the R&D and new product development cycle significantly!

Ready to grow your business with the BenchMARK?
Not sure if the world’s best labeller will work with your products? Ship your products to us and we will test them and send you a video.
Labels any round container

Will comfortably apply any type of label on any round container(50mm+ diameter).

Trade-in guarantee
Get a 45% trade-in on your original purchase price when you come back to upgrade to a BenchDELUXE or BenchMAX.
5 year warranty
We manufacture assemble every machine in-house, with the highest quality australian made components. With our 5-year warranty you can rest assured we’ve got you covered.
Yet Another Incredible Client Testimonial
“Making the decision to back a new beer always comes with inherent risk, because until you know how the public responds to it, you aren’t sure if you’re going to stick to the name, the label or even the line… we’d have to commit to printing 10,000 labels up front, just to try a beer out. Now we can print any run of any number of labels, for any beer we make, at any time we need them which has revolutionised the development of new lines” Tim Martin, Owner Tumut River Brewing Co.
Just Another Incredible Client Testimonial
“Despite constant use, we have not had a breakdown or a malfunction in our BenchMARK… Simple to use, reliable & portable… we’ve calculated that it paid for itself in labour savings within 12 months. We are huge fans of our BenchMARK and have no hesitation recommending it to anyone”
 Geoff Parks, Owner Metro Glass Packaging Pty. Ltd.

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    Any round/cylindrical container.

    Container Diameter:
    • – Minimum 50mm (2 inches)
    • – Minimum 8mm (3/8 inches) with Small Bottle Adaptor
    • – Maximum 110mm (4 1/2 inches) Standard
    Supported label types:
    • – Single, front & back, or wrap-around labels.
    • – Pressure sensitive, die-cut, roll-formatted, Fan Folded,
    • – Opaque, clear, translucent.
    Supported label sizes:
    • – Thickness: Min. 0.02mm (0.002 inches)
    • – Length: Greater than 25mm (1 inch)
    • – Height: Min. 10mm (3/8 inches) to Max. 230mm (9 1/16 inches)
    • – Direction: Left Hand Leading Edge (Internal or Externally wound)
    Label roll dimensions:
    • – Diameter: Maximum 300mm (12 inches)
    • – Core Diameter: 38mm (11/2 inches) and 76mm (3 inches)
    Estimated Label wastage per roll:
    • – 13 cm per roll

Faster, Easier & Cheaper to Run & Scale than automatic Labelling Machines

Want to Label & Pack bottles at the same time?

Label your products ‘hands free’ with our BenchDELUXE (next model up) and get the capacity to label, box, pallet and pack at 8000 bottles per day on a single person workstation.

BenchDELUXE labeling machine

What if you could print & apply labels, then box, seal & pallet at a rate of 1000 bottles per hr. That’s 10 pallets a day!

Did you know a single person can print a label, apply it to a bottle, pack, seal and pallet it so it’s ready for delivery, at 18 bottles p/m, that’s over 1000 bottles per/hr, or 8 thousand plus bottles per day, the equivalent of 10 pallets of wine in a single 8 hour shift!

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