Print & apply labels on demand with our fully integrated commercial printing solutions

We are the only bottle label applicator manufacturer in the world who can fully integrate our label applicators with any commercial label printer in the known universe, allowing manufacturers to dramatically reduce their labelling costs.

And to ensure you get our legendary Great Engineering reliability and performance, we have extensively tested our labelling machines with the three biggest manufacturers of label printers in the world.

Maximise production efficiency. Print, label & pack to your orders

Print & Label bottles on demand

Full integration between our label applicators and your choice of printer, enables for the first time ever, single pass print, label & pack work stations. This means one operator, in a single process, can print and apply labels to bottles, cans, jars or any round product container, and then box and load them onto pallets, ready to ship, in sync with your orders.

This is referred to as a just in time production process and is the same breakthrough that revolutionised car manufacturing at Toyota in Japan in the 1960s. Just in time is a methodology aimed primarily at reducing double handling within production system, as well as response times from suppliers to customers. Applied to printing, labelling, packing and shipping, it creates massive efficiencies and bottom line savings in the production process, especially for businesses with multi-labelling requirements (different styles/flavours).

In fact, there are so many ways you save money by adopting a fully integrated, pack to your orders, workstation process, if you have any significant volume at all in your production, it makes NO SENSE to NOT adopt this process, as the cost savings are compelling.

Depending on volumes you should expect a return on investment in as little as a few months, with even boutique manufactures seeing a return within 12 months. After that cost savings can go straight to profits, or be used to increase your competitive position via price cutting or increased marketing, without reducing margins.

10 cost efficiencies that will directly translate to bottom line savings

  1. The elimination of uneconomical overproduction of labels. Individual product labels are routinely printed by multiples of thousands to reduce the cost of printing labels, per label. This is no longer a concern as you now print labels to your orders, on demand! “On demand” means that any quantity of labels, containing any text or color needed, can be printed and applied to products at the precise moment they are needed. Making and applying labels to sync with customer orders is faster, cheaper and way more efficient.
  2. The complete elimination of double handling.printing & applying labels eliminates double handling This process reduces double handling by at least 3 X
  3. A massive increase in labelling speed. Printing and applying labels with our applicators is at least 10X, and up to 20 X more efficient than manual labelling (the exact increase depends on which model you use and the size of the containers being labelled.) But to illustrate the speed increase, one print pack and pallet work-station can print & apply front and back labels, box and pallet, ready to ship, including paperwork, a full pallet (i.e. 60 cases) of 750 ml wine bottles in an hour.
  4. The complete elimination of downtime. Never pause to replace label rolls again. If you have the volume, you can now print and label non stop. Potential to print, label, box and pallet, front and back of bottle, in excess of 2 million 750ml bottles of wine a year, in a single 8 hour shift, on a single integrated work station.
  5. The capacity to change label flavours/styles on the fly. Never pause to change label rolls because of flavour/style change. Asyou now print labels on demand, you can simply switch flavours/styles of labels in seconds, simply by changing the source file on the PC in your workstation.
  6. The capacity to change bottle sizes on the fly. Our labellers are capable of labelling different sized bottles on the fly, eliminating the need to pause production when changing bottle sizes.
  7. The elimination of label waste - Obsolescence. Never incur the expense of wasted label inventory because of obsolescence caused by regulatory changes, re-branding or brand revisions. Print on demand ends of this kind of waste forever.
  8. The elimination of stock waste because of label changes. Never incur the expense of wasted stock (i.e.already labelled) caused by regulatory changes, re-branding or a label revision. Integrate with the BenchMAX or BenchDELUXE and you can precisely overprint, partially or fully, on existing stock, to ensure stock on hand does not need to be written off, sold as seconds.
  9. The elimination of label waste during set-up. Compared to a conventional labelling process where set up and change of rolls is continually required and wastes on average 1.5 meters of labels per roll, our labelling setup process reduces label waste to only two to three labels per roll.
  10. Reduced wage costs. Savings in labelling time, reduced double handling, reduced downtime and other time saving production line efficiencies, translate directly into savings in wages on your production line.

Grow your business using label innovation as marketing.

Not only do fully integrated print and apply labelling workstation cause significant cuts in the cost of production, they also mean for the first time, you can quickly and easily innovate your marketing with labelling.  This was far to expensive for smaller manufacturers to consider in the past. Here's just a few ideas/ways on demand print and apply labelling can be used to power your marketing or open new markets.

Make special offers on labels (for a limited time only offers, limited time sponsorship offers with well known causes), produce limited editions, produce custom labels to wholesale client specifications, e.g. customers own brand, enable special ordering, for example corporate gift orders, special event orders, e.g. for weddings, Christmas or any other major event.

The ability to print and apply full colour labels on the fly opens entirely new markets and marketing possibilities, the only limit is your capacity to imagine and innovate.


Print & Apply labels to bottles for campaigns

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To ensure you get our legendary Great Engineering reliability and performance, we have extensively tested our labelling machines with the three biggest manufacturers of label printers in the world, Sato, Epson and Kiaro, please follow the links to see specific pages about integrating our labellers with the worlds best label printers.