Introducing Polytij® Inkjet’s S1i HP Thermal Inkjet Printer

Great Engineering and Polytij® Inkjet have joined forces to bring you a low cost, reliable solution in thermal printing and label application.

Polytij® Inket’s S1i allows you to print directly onto your labels as they pass through your labelling machine. The innovative new printer only uses the ink you need, integrates with all of our labelling machines, and can print on any label material.


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Polytij® Inkjet + Great Engineering

A faster, more economical way to print and apply labels.

What’s so GREAT about Polytij® Inkjet’s S1i printer:

  • Print onto any type of label as it passes through the label applicator
  • Seamlessly integrate this printer with any of our applicators
  • User-friendly and simple to operate
  • • Not just for labels – you can print directly on any substrate, glass, timber, paper, synthetic, textured objects and more!
  • No PC needed
  • No head replacements
  • Range of ink colours available including black, green, red and blue.

    Polytij® Inkjet S1i HP Thermal Inkjet Printer Specifications

Watch the video or get in touch to find out more.