Jet City Label first came across Great Engineering while doing market research for labellers to suit the cannabis, healthcare, and biotech industries in Seattle. “There’s a GE label applicator for any businesses budget and the machines can be tailored towards virtually any round container”.

We chose to work with GE for two reasons. The first reason was the strong reputation they have with the wine industry for the last two decades. The second reason was for the professional marketing content that is accessible by their resellers.

Since becoming a reseller for GE we have had prompt service and even received a visit from Lyzee (International Sales) and Marla (U.S. Sales). They have added a GE wholesaler near Portland, Oregon for expedited machine repair and delivery. Customers have appreciated the simplicity of the machines, as well as the quick turnaround times for receiving new or serviced machines.

Not only has GE provided us with commercial label applicator equipment, but also an introduction to industry leading color label printers! Contact Jet City Label today at (206) 706 – 7599 for any label equipment needs.”

Alex Stamey

Jet City
Seattle, USA