Labeling tattoo ink? We can help

When we say our machines are versatile we mean it. The BenchMAX has been sold to companies to label large drum containers all the way down to small cosmetic bottles. Now we have a new product to add to the list.
Fusion Ink now owns one of our BenchMAX machines to label their selection of tattoo ink.

Fusion tattoo Ink was created by Adam Everett and Next Generation Tattoo machines. The combination of these two have brought a top of the range tattoo ink to the market. Their ink have a higher pigment load than any other and is also organic. We are proud to say we label these products and they are pleased too.

“Just opened and it is beautiful. Can’t wait to unpack and use.  My labelers thank you, they have been asking for years when when. So thank you both.” Dan, Fusion Ink

Fusion Tattoo ink