Looking for a faster & cheaper way to launch your beer? Or do you want to reduce your double handling? Or are you sick of labeling solutions that let you down?

Either way, you may be like the ‘000s of other brewers that have found they need a simple and high quality label solution in-house.

At Great Engineering we get this. In fact we have built our business around it. Call us today to learn why Great Engineering is the perfect solution for your growing brewery.

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BenchMATE Series


Perfect entry-point electric label applicator for any start-up and growing brewery.


Sick of finding some human error between containers? With the BenchMARK you can step into the world of electric label applicators.

With its accurate labelling you can level up the quality and presentation of your beer with perfectly straight labels every time. It uses a simple dial to control the distance between the front and back label to keep the distance consistent from bottle to bottle.

Just place this proven workhorse in your production line and you can be labelling 38 – 45 beer cases(24 bottles per case) an hour.

Why Choose the BenchMARK

Here’s a few reasons we think a Great Engineering labeling machine is right for you.

Label any round beer bottle
Will comfortably and reliably apply any type of label on any round beer or cider bottle.

Increase your capacity
The BenchMARK will increase your labelling capacity with the ability to label 15 – 18 bottles per minute.

45% Trade-in
When you find your brewery growing? We will give you a 45% trade in when you want to upgrade to the BenchMAX or BenchDELUXE.

5 year warranty
With our 5-year warranty you can rest assured we’ve got you covered.

Ready to grow your brewery with the BenchMAX?


Mary Goodieson (Goodieson Brewery)

“it (the BenchMAX) is the most reliable little gem we own, and yesterday cruised through another 2,000 labels without skipping a beat. There are many processes in our brewery when we wonder how long it will take or if things will work, but never do we have to worry about the labeller.”