BenchMAX Beer label applicator

Sick of bottle labeling solutions that let you down? Looking for a faster, more reliable
& cost effective way to label your beer?


Join the thousands of breweries using the worlds most reliable and easy to use in-house labelling solution.

At Great Engineering we have developed our product range on the life cycle needs of breweries and wineries, from small local producer to world wide distributor. Fast and reliable, they improve production throughput while reducing costs. We have a perfect solution for every sized brewery.

BenchMAX Beer

Great Engineering's beer bottle
and beer can labelling range

From micro brewer to world wide brand. We have the right bottle labeler to suit every sized brewery.

BenchMATE Series

Entry level beer bottle labellling for start ups. Hand crank 10-15,000 labels a year. Capable of more, won't break, almost indestructible, 5 yr warranty.


Our entry level electric model. Fast & accurate, label & pack nearly 2 million bottles a year, in a single 8 hour shift. 5 year manufacturers warrant.


Our delux model is capable of labelling and packing 3,000,000 + bottles per year. Robust & reliable comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty.


Top of the range, capable of labelling & packing 3,000,000 + bottles per year. Our most versatile bottle labeller, comes with a 5 year warranty.


Check-Out this Customer's Journey from BenchMATE to BenchMAX.

Watch this video then read how two passionate home brewers turned an independent tyre shop into one of Australia's best craft breweries.

“The day I first saw the Great Engineering BenchMax bottle labeller integrated with an Epson Printer, I instantly realised that all the inherent risks associated with trialling and selling a new beer had been eliminated."

Tim Martin - Co Founder TRBC

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Our top of the range beer labeller is used by world leading breweries like CUB and Fosters.

BenchMAX Labeling machine

Whether you label then bottle and cap, or vice versa, the BenchMAX allows you to complete another task while your bottle is being labelled. One person can label and cap at the same time, or label, pack & pallet at the same time. The BenchMAX has the ability to label at 1500 bottles per hour with incredible accuracy. One operator on an 8 hour shift can label over 3 million bottles a year on a single 8 hour shift. Can keep up with automatic filling and capping machines, meaning no hold ups in your production line. Reduce double-handling & costs, increase productivity & presentation.

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Reduce double handling in your brewery with the BenchDELUXE or BenchMAX.

BenchDELUXE Label applicator

Want increased productivity but don’t need all the extra attachments of the BenchMAX?

The BenchDELUXE is then your perfect match. This versatile industrial machine will reduce your double handling by 3 times with guaranteed label accuracy. This premium machine will fit seamlessly into any production line either before or after the filler and capper with the ability to label and complete another task at the same time.

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The perfect entry-level electric bottle label applicator for the serious start-up or a growing boutique brewery.

BenchMARK Label Applicator

Step into the world of electric label applicators.

Get unrivalled accuracy, improved speed plus Great Engineering"s legendary reliability. Level up the quality and presentation of your beer with perfectly straight labels every time. A simple to use dial controls the distance between the front and back labels to keep the distance consistent from bottle to bottle. Labels 38 – 45 beer cases (24 bottles per case) an hour. This scales up to just under 2 million bottles a year on a single 8 hour shift.

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BenchMATE Series

The most reliable, accurate hand labeller in the world!

Almost Indestructible! Super Reliable. 5 year Warranty + 80% trade in.

Launching your start up brewery's range of beers. Start with the BenchMATE and you'll have an extremely reliable workhorse that won't let you down. Add a printer and you have a complete in house print capability. This is the fastest way to grow a brewery range, read about the TRBC's experience.

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Ready to grow your brewery with Great Engineering? We provide 40-80% trade in's when your business grows & needs an upgrade. We believe this is the most generous trade in offer in history! All machines come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty.


Mary Goodieson (Goodieson Brewery)

"it (the BenchMAX) is the most reliable little gem we own, and yesterday cruised through another 2,000 labels without skipping a beat. There are many processes in our brewery when we wonder how long it will take or if things will work, but never do we have to worry about the labeller."