Stuttgart Germany May 2013

Stuttgart Germany May 2013 May 5, 2013

I left Melbourne on Sat 20th April and landed in Stuttgart late Sunday. And yes, I did fly in comfort but after 32 hours door to door I definitely deserve it.
However, the machines did not arrive in perfect condition and needed some love and care.
The next couple of days setting up where physically challenging, in that I had to walk many Ks to organise things. Next time I will consider a motorised contraption.

The show was held for 9 hours with no break and over 4 days. It is the most successful show I have ever done with 105 leads and over 400 handouts and pamphlets being taken.
I was lucky with the interpreter Jana who did all the work, she was fantastic.

The show ended last Saturday and I finished packing by 1am.
Picked up a car very early Sunday and drove to Vienna.
The drive was;
1. Beautiful, with spring bursting everywhere,
2. Crazy. Even at 205 kph I had people flashing their lights for me to get out of the way.

Arrived late on Sunday afternoon and worked on forgetting the time. I came down for dinner only to discover that it was 11.15 and everything was closed.
Turned out to be good in that I was given directions to the Opera district and what to buy.
Enjoyed the traditional sausage, peppers, mustard and black bread along with a beer.
What was impressive was that people where out enjoying themselves at 1am and nothing seemed unsafe. It was cold.
Picked up on Monday by Jiri our Czech distributor and driven back to his village. Jiri is also a winemaker. We met up with his business partner and started the “tasting of the wines”. Now Jiri is out of the norm as far as winemakers are concerned. He first had us taste a wine that had been open for 16 days. He opened 10 of his bottles and we tasted and talked up to 2 am and then started the business discussions. Got to bed at 2.30 and rose at 6 am for a fast drive to Slovenia airport.

Flew to Edinburgh and was driven to Irvine.
Our distributor wanted to stand outside in the sun to have a smoke so I stood there with him in my tee-shirt shirt and fluffy jacket hugging myself against the cold wind in 13 degrees. He claimed it was warm… I did touch my shoe in the water of the Irish Sea.
Later that afternoon I was dropped off at my hotel, which was the birthplace of Robbie Burns.
Drove down to London via another distributor who called me a toff for ordering a glass of water with my wine at a pub.
Drove some 480 miles in a day and a half and brought spring to London.
Londoners say it has been a long miserable, wet and cold winter but “mustn’t grumble”
I have been walking around and I might have picked up some colour from the sun… go figure. Mind you the English are up for it. Soon as they see a bit of blue sky, off comes the shirts. I still had my winter shirt on plus my coat just for the cool breeze when I was out of direct sunlight.