Save time and reduce costs by integrating the printing & application of color labels with GE and Kiaro

Great Engineering and QuickLabel Systems have combined to bring you the very best in color printing and label application. You can now print labels and apply them to orders as you pack them for shipping.

Reduce label wastage, avoid down time associated with changing label rolls and the expense of having to hold large label inventory stocks in order to get label costs to an acceptable price per label. You can even improve your label quality, for eg. with a unique addition of a thermal transfer printer you can also print in gold or silver, giving your labels a complete decorative finish.

Kiaro QL 120 + Great Engineering

A faster more, economical way to print and apply labels.

Many businesses are unaware of the huge savings that can be made by creating single pass print and apply workstations into their production process. Print, label, box and pallet product to your orders in a single process. The production efficiencies and savings are significant."Their print quality is superb and their proprietary label stock is extremely reliable. Itdoesn't wrinkle and the ink doesn't run or smudge, plus their label stock is refrigeration compliant. There is a genuine commercial advantage compared to all other printers and label stocks“Peter O' Brien, CEO of Great Engineering said

Kiaro QL-120 Specifications

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