The Video Above Explains how the Colorworks Printer can Pay For Itself via Efficiencies created by The GE Workflow Interface.

The GE Workflow Interface turns a PC, Epson printer and any of our labelling machines into a fully integrated workstation that allows small manufacturers to print & apply labels, then box, pack & pallet to their orders, in one seamless process. Label pack and pallet to your orders at a rate of 1 Pallet per hour. (IE 768 Bottles on single person workstation). The increase in production throughput is ASTOUNDING!

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    Color solution

    Epson C7500 + The BenchMAX

    The fastest, most reliable way to continuously print & apply photographic quality labels.

    The Epson Colorworks range are leaders in photographic quality, full colour label printing. Integrate the C7500 or the C7500G with our top of the range label applicator, the BenchMAX, and you can print and apply full colour photographic labels, withoutever pausing to reset or change label rolls, on a wide range of round containers (8mm or 3/8 inches) to (250mm or 9 3/4 inches). Huge time saver, wineries can now print, label, box & pack 1 pallet p/hr. Reduces double handling by 3 x.

    Watch the video or get in-touch to find out more. 

    Epson C3500 + BenchMATE
    or BenchMARK

    Businesses of all sizes can make massive savings by printing & applying full color labels on demand.

    Benefits include reduce label inventory costs and the capacity to use labels innovatively to grow your business, find out all the advantages & cost savings of printing & applying labels on demand in the video explainer above.

    Simply pair the Epson C3500 with either our manual label applicator, the BenchMATE, or our entry level electric labelling machine, the BenchMARK, and start printing & applying labels to order.

    Watch the video or get in-touch to find out more.

    Epson C3500 Fully Integrated with BencMARK

    In this video see the C3500 operating in a fully integrated configuration labelling a beer taster pack in one continuous workflow.

    The customer can pack beer to their orders. Each separate flavour is labelled and then packed into the taster pack. No need to stop and pause production to change labels. Stock can be bottled and capped fresh, and labelled and packed to order.

    Production efficiencies enabled by full integration of labeller, Printer and PC are phenomenal, see the video explainer for case study details and figures demonstrating how easily the efficiencies created mean the system can pay for itself easily, inside 12 months.

    BenchMATE & C3500 Continuous Workflow Integration

    For start up cottage manufacturers this is the most efficient labelling process with the least investment. Full integration means they can print and apply labels and then pack and ship to orders, as they come through. This means they start with a worlds best practice fulfilment process.

    The Great Engineering product range is designed to support a start up manufacturer from the cradle to the grave. In this instance the BenchMATE labeller and C3500 Colorworks printer integrate via the Workflow Interface. When the manufacturer grows their customer base we will trade up the manual applicator and give them an 80% trade in.

    Even with a manual applicator the GE interface will help stack efficiencies in the labelling process saving time by eliminating the need to pause and stop to change rolls when labelling different recipes, flavours or styles. Watch the explainer video to see how efficiencies add up.  But with a start up configuration like this the most important saving is time. The business owner has more time to work on the business instead of in it.

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      What Epson Say About our Integration

      All our bottle labelling machines and label applicators fully integrate with high quality printers by Epson

      "I have never used a system that was more flexible, efficient and intuitive. The applications interface works better than expected. One allen wrench and a sharp blade appear to be the only tools needed to address almost any sized container".

      Al Wesley - Epson Product Management Group

      "The Great Engineering interface is the perfect solution"

      Epson's Japan Innovation Centre