How can the BenchMAX orientation device benefit you?

Have you got embossing or silk screening or even a notch in your bottle? Would you like to accurately place your label every time to align with these markers?

The BenchMAX orientation device is incorporated onto our electric machines to have the ability to register a mark on a bottle and apply a label or a set of labels to this registration mark. This is unique to all Great Engineering labellers and comes included when the BenchMAX labeller is purchased. However, it can be fitted to any of the automatic machines we provide as an optional extra.

The device uses a color and texture sensor to scan your container and identify a registration point. We amplify this signal and using the proprietary electronics on our machines you can set the distance in cm for where you want the label to be applied. It will apply your label from the point when it registers the mark. This incredible technology gives you the control to accurately apply your labels over and over exactly where you want it.

Setting up the orientation device can be a bit confusing for first time users, especially making sure it is registering the correct mark. This video sets up the orientation device for three different plastic embossed bottles using the same techniques needed if you were to set it up for any bottle:

For the labels to apply accurately the orientation device needs to pick up only one registration mark. You will see on the head of the sensor there are two LEDs a green and a red. The green represents that it is on and the red LED is when it registers the mark. As the bottle spins you want the red LED to only flash once when it hits the same spot.

Great Engineering will provide you with the sensor attached at an angle on the holder as we have found it is the most accurate position for the sensor to pick up most registration points.

There are four adjustments that you can make to the sensor to better read the registration mark:

  • Adjusting the position of the sensor by moving it closer or further away from the bottle.
  • Adjusting the position by altering the angle of the sensor. For most bottles having the sensor at an upwards angle can bring out the best results
  • Adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor
  • Inverting the sensor from light to dark

The best way for users to set up their own orientation device is to troubleshoot using the four alterations above. One or all four of these factors can alter whether the sensor picks up one or more marks. When setting up start by adjusting the position and then move to adjusting sensor settings.

Once set up for the bottle you won’t have to set it up again and the machine will label accurately every time. It will make sure your bottles stand out on the shelf.