Cosmetic Labeling solution

Recently we had a customer reach out to us to find a labeling solution to their cosmetic labeling needs.

The company produce cosmetic products and wanted to personalise the labels for different clients that were buying their cosmetics.

The traditional method of doing this was to have a pre-printed label and then use a hot foil stamper to make a metallic looking impression onto the label to add personalisation. However Great Engineering along with Epson and Sato was able to provide a more modern and economical labeling solution for them.

The Epson Colorworks range, prints their design directly onto blank labels, these labels can then be fed through the Sato Thermal Transfer printer to add a foil overlay of any design and then the labels are applied using any of the Great Engineering applicators. For this customers labeling solution we recommended the Epson TM-C7500, Sato CL4NX and the BenchMAX due to their high production amounts and added the GE Interface, so they can save time by being able to print, apply and pack in one easy production line.

Color solution

The Epson TM-C7500 model prints high quality color labels, and one of the current leaders on the market, it prints at 600dpi resolution.

The Sato CL4NX Thermal Transfer printer presses a foil over the top of the label and can be in a wide variety of colors, including clear or metallic gold or silver.

We recommended the BenchMAX as it has the capabilities to label containers greater than 8mm in diameter at 1400 bottles per hour.

The GE Interface provides a link between the applicator and both printers. The Interface receives a signal from the applicator when a label is applied and then sends a signal to the printers to print the next batch of labels. It means the user doesn’t need to leave the applicator unless it is replacing the roll of labels.

This solution was ideal for their production amounts and provides them with a labeling solution to personalise their labels.

Watch the labeling solution in action here: